The Crossroad Court is a Class A office building in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley. Fiber connectivity, 4/1000 parking, and a variety of amenities. 60 FWY & Crossroads Pkwy.


32,064 SF RBA


Car Wash

Located at the Atrium and the Park, you can conveniently get a car wash without having to leave the business park.

Delivery Services

We have Fedex, UPS, and Golden State Overnight Pickup and drop-off daily. Your packages can arrive safely to their destination at the comfort of your office.

Bike Lockers & Showers

Did you bike to work? We have bike lockers and showers available at the Park.

Conference Room

Need to reserve a conference room? Fill out our conference room form and reserve your space today. Conference rooms are available at the Atrium.

Charging Station

Is your car electric? Do you need to charge before you drive home? The Crossroads Court makes it easy with charging stations located at the rear of the Building.


Want to move around while you work? The Atrium and Park has WiFi available all around campus at your convenience.


The Crossroads also offers retail shops like Jersey Mikes and Starbucks. Get your caffeine fix on without leaving work!

24/7 Security

We offer 24/7 security at Crossroads Court.


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